Now let’s look at how your calendar and to-do lists can become cluttered and how to remedy that.  There’s always plenty to do, usually more than there’s enough time for.  Clutter can accumulate very quickly in this respect. Everyone has things that they want, have and would like to do, but you really have to look at what’s important to determine which things get placed on your to-do list and into your calendar.  If you don’t take that step, you’ll end up with a cluttered to-do list and calendar.

If you’re overloaded with things to do, take a step back and look at where your time is going.  Maybe you’re spending time doing things that aren’t important to you or that don’t line up with your goals and values.  Take inventory, look at what you have on your calendar and what’s on your to-do list and eliminate the things that aren’t important.  This might mean that you have to go back to the drawing board.  By that I mean that you may have to start by looking at what’s important to you; look at the things line up with your goals and values and possible recreate your calendar and to-do list items.  From that point you can set priorities and create the space for them in your daily activities.

In your regular planning remember to stick to only those things that line up with your goals and values.  This will help keep the clutter from getting to your to-do list and calendar.