Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about technology, how much we depend on it and the number of different tools we use online that we need passwords for.  There’s email, social media sites, your website and blog, and let’s not forget the personal things that we log into online.  Typically what happens is that you end up using the same password over and over and when you try to create unique passwords, you can’t remember them.  Keeping up with them can be a chore.  If you don’t have away to store them, you’re stuck with trying to remember them, which is definitely not what you want to do.

LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure and protects against phishing scams, online fraud and malware.  Once you download the software for the browser that you use, you   log in with a single click of your mouse.  When you login in to a site, LastPass will ask you if you want it to log you in and if so, you just click and you’re logged in. It remembers your passwords and creates new, unique passwords for you if you or lets you create and save your own.

LastPass automatically sychronizes your data and you can access if from anywhere at any time, even from someone else’s computer.  You just have to remember your master password for LastPass.  All of your data is encrypted locally on your PC and you are the only one who can unlock it. You can also use it to transfer passwords between multiple devices and your data will be automatically updated for all of your devices when you create new logins.  This great tool is free (and the Premium version is only $12 per year) and made for all platforms–Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Using it allows you to let go of updating your list of passwords, trying to remember them, or create new, unique passwords to keep your accounts safe.  For more info visit the LastPass website now.