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Time is an elusive thing. It’s slippery and that’s one thing that makes it hard to get it all done. Hard to wrap your head around and you simply can’t lay your hands on it. It’s intangible. “Time management” can be a hard puzzle to piece together. Until you let go of how you see this thing we call time and take a personalized approach.

You are the reason you aren’t getting things done. Who you are has everything to do with why it’s not happening and it’s also what will help you discover how to knock things off your to do list with ease. You see, your Productivity Persona reveals how you relate to time and your strengths and weaknesses around it. When you look at who you are in that sense, what you’re good at and where you struggle start to make sense. Not being able to stay focused, over analyzing things to point of not taking action and lacking follow through are connected to personality traits.

If you’re like most people, no one ever told you anything about getting and staying organized or managing yourself around time. We are taught many things when we’re young but these two things are just not in the mix, so unless you have a natural disposition toward these things and have these abilities, you don’t have a clue and nine times out of ten, your latter school life and professional life suffer. Right now, if you still haven’t figured out how to deal with time, your business is probably suffering because you’re flying by the seat of your pants daily.

You learned how to tell time but didn’t learn about how to deal time, you just basically picked up your productivity abilities though osmosis. What you came to know was that time runs the show. You learned that by watching everybody else under its rule and you did the same thing. Time is running the show and you’ve given all of your power over to it. This is one reason why people struggle.

Another reason people struggle is that they don’t understand that they have a relationship with time and that it has to be considered. Getting things done means being able to reach for the things beyond ordered space and life, time for the things that matter most. Having that reach is empowered with the knowledge of who you are when it comes to time. Placing yourself at the core of it all is how your tools get chosen, processes get created and tasks get identified. Your Productivity Persona reveals your path to optimum productivity. It’s not about anything outside of you, but about putting who you are in the mix.

Optimum productivity doesn’t happen with that linear approach to time or the one size fits all boxed solutions or remedies. Your system should be built with you having explored who you are in depth. It starts with you. Productivity is personal. You can make it personal by starting with finding out who you are in your relationship with time. Take this quick quiz to learn your Productivity Persona.


Productivity-ChalkboardEven if you don’t know much about me, if you’ve been to my website or blog you know that I have a totally different approach when it comes to productivity. I don’t see time as everyone else does, or as we were all taught to view it.

For years I have seen that personality plays a direct role in effective productivity, and that discovery started with my own challenges. I know first-hand how it is to be challenged when it comes to getting things done.

Your personality plays a direct role in your productivity. That role is to clue you in as to how to approach and deal with this thing we call time. Start to think about how certain traits impact your productivity. Whether the trait is a positive one or not, it can still impact productivity. Take creativity for example. Such a gift can make one not so productive when things haven’t been put in place to help support such a creative person since most tend to go with the flow.
There are some who are deep, analytic thinkers and that’s something that is needed when it comes to business, but it can lead to over analyzing, perfectionism and even procrastination.

Sometimes being a take charge kind of person or a spontaneous one can contribute to challenges on the productivity front.
To begin to see how your personality factors into your own productivity , start by asking, “How do my personality traits impact my productivity?” Look to see which traits support you and which hinder you.

It’s also necessary to observe what your natural rhythm is and use that in the flow of your day. This is what I term your Prime Time™. If you’re a corporate world survivor like me, you know what it’s like to be ruled by others when it comes what’s on your agenda. That’s not the way to work with time. Time is all about you. Who you are should be at the core of how you engage in what you do. Think about the time of day when you are at your best mentally and when your physical energy is high. Some people are not morning people, those people whose juices don’t really start flowing until noon and they can work into the late evening or even early morning hours.

Now you know the role of your personality, and your role is to take the steps to discover how it impacts your productivity. Once you figure that out, your charge is to choose a tool that fits your Productivity Persona™, then build a time management system around it.  Obviously, there are additional pieces, and it goes a bit deeper than what I’ve shared here. You’ve got a few things to get you started at taking a look at the role your personality plays in your productivity and beginning to allow it to play that role for you.


Tool BoxPart of how you deal with time is to make sure that the tools you use, and ultimately the system you set up to support you, are a fit for you personally. The tools have to fit your personality, or as I say they match your Productivity Persona™.

Quite often, people don’t think about tools to help them in their day-to-day process of getting it done. Think about tools that you can get from the hardware store. There are tools for many different things and each is uniquely suited for a particular task. Productivity tools are exactly the same, but people really don’t view them like that. When it comes to electronics like smart phones, it’s usually about the toy aspects of the device or toys altogether and not about how the device can serve.

Tools are part of the time management puzzle. You know how when you were a kid and you would be putting together a puzzle and you always ended up with extra pieces that didn’t seem to fit or you couldn’t figure out where they went? That was frustrating, and so is this, so things have to be broken down in a way that makes the pieces create a clear picture instead of leaving you with extra, strangely shaped pieces of the puzzle. Which is why part of my signature system involves choosing the kind of tool that’s a fit for you and then choosing the tool.

What tools are you using right now and what are you using them for? How are they serving you? Do you find that something doesn’t work so well? You might also see that you’re not really using what you have at your disposal. People choose tools and have the best intentions, but then don’t use them or they don’t max them out, meaning that they don’t use everything that the tool affords them to the point of making it pointless to have it. Something else to consider how you went about choosing those particular tools. You might not even remember.

Review your tools and ask yourself those questions and make sure you ask why you’re using that particular tool. Does it fit? If not, it’s probably part of the reason you find yourself challenged right now. You have to be sure that what you use fits you like your shoes. Once again, it’s personal!


Choosing a tool to help you manage your time and having it not work for you is frustrating.  This happens more often than I’d like to think, but I see it all of the time.  People either get caught up in the latest and greatest gadget and purchase it to help them or they simply don’t know that choosing a tool that fits your time management personality is of the utmost importance.  Before you make a choice about a tool to support you, you have to take the steps to discover your own time management personality.

How you relate to time is a personal thing, not a one size fits all type of thing, so choosing a tool that fits your personality is so important. It can make the difference between you being able to manage your time effectively or not. The problem is that there are so many tools to choose from, and people don’t know how to make the right choice; they may not even think about it. I’ve seen people go and purchase a tool without considering what they need according to their time management personality and then end up not liking it and having it not work for them. This only adds to the existing frustration that comes with not being able to manage your time. To avoid making this mistake, make the time to discover your own time management personality and preferences.

Let me give you a prime example of what happens when you don’t make time management a personal thing.  A number of years ago, someone that I know purchased a Palm Pilot and started to implement its use instead of using her Franklin Planner. It was the latest and greatest thing on the market so she thought it would be the best thing to support her.  It turns out that she absolutely hated the Palm and having it was taking more time out of her already busy days.  What I understood was that it wasn’t the tool; it performed perfectly well. The problem was that it wasn’t the tool for her. It didn’t fit her time management personality so it was hard for her to use effectively. Which is why when she went back to using her Franklin, things were just fine. Her personality was a fit for a paper tool, not a digital one.

Once you discover your personality, you have a number of options to choose from, and your choices are based on what you discover.  Your personality will be the indicator as to whether you should go with a paper planner, such as the Franklin Covey system, which give your the advantage of  not having software to learn, nothing to charge on a regular basis, no batteries to replace and you can file the old calendars or planner pages for future reference; or a digital tool that gives you the advantage of being able to search for and retrieve information quickly, group and rearrange information easily, backing up to your desktop, and easy access for others, which is great if you have someone who needs access to your information. You might have a personality that dictates a tool that gives you a combination of both types of tools.

People quite often make the mistake of choosing a time management tool without knowing their time management personality. Choosing a tool that fits your personality is a key element in effectively managing your time. There are so many products on the market to choose from, but which one is right for you?


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