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Linen closets can be a space for disaster.  To get started, take inventory of what you have that needs to be stored in your linen closet.  Get rid of the things you no longer want to keep and things that shouldn’t be in the linen closet.  Dividers and baskets and other containers can be used to store items, but be sure that after taking inventory you know exactly what you have left and what you need to store it.  For example, how many dividers, how many baskets and what sizes.  Also determine how they will fit together to store everything.  Once you’ve done your homework, then purchase your containers.  Doing so before hand can have you ending up with the wrong containers, or not enough of them to store your items.

Store seasonal items up top and things used every day within easy reach.  Label shelves, baskets and other containers so everyone knows where everything goes.  This will help you avoid possible disaster.  Limit your number of linens to what you need in order to keep down the clutter.

With the arrival of the warm weather, you’re probably pulling out your spring and summer clothing and putting away the heaver items.  This is one of the times when the closet monster rears its ugly head.  When you bring out clothes for the new season, it’s also a good time to organize your closet.
Take a bit of time to look through what you have and remove the things that you no longer want and no longer wear. Put those items into a bag or box and give them away. Typically we war 20% of the clothes that we have 80% of the time. One simple trick is to turn the hangers around when you return items you’ve worn to your closet. After a couple of months, look to see what you’ve actually worn. On average it’s going to turn out that you’re only wearing about 20% of what you have.

If you do this twice a year, for example now and then again when the cold weather returns, your closet will stay organized and free of items that you no longer wear or want. Here’s a checklist that will help you keep your closet organized and the closet monster away.

  • Install double rods. You don’t have to get out the power drill or call a handyman to add a second rod to a closet. Do it yourself.
  • Add a valet hook. Install a hook for hanging dry cleaning before it goes into the closet or to plan outfits for parties.
  • Toss wire hangers. If you want to prolong the life of your clothes, don’t keep them on wire hangers. Wood is better.
  • Use baskets. Put all out-of-season purses in a basket at the top of your closet.
  • Put jewelry in boxes. Label the boxes by category to rid the clutter from your dresser.
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