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Do you think about vision before you start to plan?  Before you do anything, you have to know where you want to go and have a very clear vision of that.  Now, when I say “vision”, of course, I mean picture, which translates into following a specific process to creating a picture in your mind of what you want, writing it down, translating it into a written plan, continuing to picture it in your mind, and developing it even further into specific action steps to carry it out.

Everything that I mentioned in that sentence might seem like a mouthful and may start the overwhelm conversation for you, let me stop you right there.  Overwhelm is simply a conversation.  It’s a conversation that you have with yourself.  There isn’t anything that you can’t accomplish if you take things step by step and persist.

When you create your vision, you’re using your own personal tools.  You’re using your mind and body to create thoughts and carry out actions to create and actualize your goals.  Believe me when I say that there is power in defining exactly what you want, declaring and committing to it, then taking steps to carry out the plan.  Clear vision leads to a clearly defined course of action.  This is what’s missing most of the time when it comes to business and usually why most people don’t get where they want to in business or in their personal lives.

Visioning is the starting point of your planning.  That’s where it all begins; it’s what leads to your plan to carry it all out.  Without it, the rubber can’t hit the road, and nothing comes to fruition. So, if you’re in a space where you haven’t created your vision and you’re ready to step out of it, what do you do?  Once again, it’s a step by step process.  Write down what you want things to look like; what do you want to accomplish inside of your business?  What’s the best thing that you can imagine for your business?  At this point, you’re visioning, so you aren’t focusing on the “how” or “who”, just on what you want to create, and be specific so that the picture is really clear.  For example, if you’re still working a regular job and running your business on the side, think about how long you want to continue to do that.  When are you going to step into your business full time?  How much money are you going to make?  Who are you serving?  Get real clear before you do anything else!

Without vision you’re spinning your wheels.  Vision gives you clarity of thinking and purpose.  It starts everything rolling in the direction of what you want to create.  Everything else is born out of your vision, which is why it’s so important; it’s a crucial part of your business.  Once you have it, you have the key to everything.

For some people “plan” is a 4-letter word.  I’ve heard some say that planning takes too much time, or even that it’s a waste of time.  Granted it does, but it’s actually an investment of time, rather than a waste of your time.

The majority of people don’t plan for the things they want to accomplish.  Some will keep ideas or an unwritten plan in the most dangerous place in the world—their heads.  NOT a good place for things to be.  There is a difference between how things play out when it’s in your head and when it’s written out in detail.  Writing it down makes it real; it comes to life and take on form.

So, what do you think of when you hear the word “plan”?  Does it make you cringe?  It’s not as bad as it may sound.  My description of a plan is “A process that includes setting goals then developing the strategies, tasks, schedules and systems to accomplish objectives of related goals.”  Planning will actually save you time, guide your actions and help you accomplish what you set out to do.  It will also help you avoid pitfalls.  There is power in the process.

If you do work from a plan, do you just work from an outline or from a detailed plan?  Your plan is your road map, so you need the details.  To create it think about what the goal or end result is; the objectives; who’s involved; other resources needed; your timeline and any constraints.  Create tasks for each objective and break them down into smaller pieces, assign a start and completion time to each.  Think about how you’re going to measure your progress and know how things are getting done if there are other people involved in the process. Plan your work and then work your plan!

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