Let’s go back to your to-do list.  Continuing to look at the things you’ve been putting off, you might realize that there’s something that you need clarity on, or maybe you need additional information.  Take the steps necessary to get clear about the task.  Consult the appropriate resources for the information that you need.  If it’s clarity that’s missing for you, do what you need to do in order to get a clear picture.

Get your thoughts down on paper or try two of my favorites, mind mapping or creating a vision board.  Each of these processes works wonders and gives you great insight.  While you’re waiting for clarity, focus on other goals and activities-there’s always plenty to do.  Doing so might lead you to just the right solution; meeting the right person, coming across the right resource, being in the right place at the right time to hear something that you need to hear, seeing an idea, being at an event that stimulates you to move forward.

You may look at your list and realize that you aren’t ready for something that you’ve been putting off.  Maybe the opportunity is just not right. Or perhaps you’re struggling with things other than strategy, logistics, an action plan or timeline.  You might just need to wait, which is truly opposite of what we’ve been taught to do, so you may not feel comfortable doing so.  There’s the illusion that we’re doing something wrong if we don’t do it yesterday; 24/7/365 productivity.  When we seek clarity, things can be revealed or become more apparent to us.  There is internal activity that we don’t realize takes place when we do this.  That activity is important to the task at hand.  Once again, remember, you’re purposely choosing to wait on something, not procrastinating in a destructive way.