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This slide show contains a few highlights from my most recent #productivitychat.


Productivity Chat

March 17th Chat Highlight

Storified by Sheila Hawkins· Sun, Mar 17 2013 16:03:20

Are you focused for the coming week?

Ready to get focused for the coming week and get to-dos & calendar in order? Now’s the time. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If tomorrow’s calendar and to-do list looks like Friday’s (same stuff) it’s time to do something different #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Name your time wasters

Name your time wasters–big and small. It all adds up. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
10 minutes here, 20 minutes there… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Q1: how much time are you wasting daily and why? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
The average professional wastes 1.5-2 hours every day just looking for things. 7.5-10 hours each week of precious time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
What’s your biggest time waster? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Something to help you identify your time wasters

Identify your biggest time waster by logging how you spend your time for about a week… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Look to see how you’re spending your time to see if you’re focusing on the things that need your attention #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Use this simple tool to help you log your time and identify your biggest time waster http://ow.ly/j6Hj3 #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Productivity Chat

January 27, 2013

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Highlights from January 27th #productivitychat

#productivitychat is starting now. Join us as we talk about your #1 time waster and the remedy for it. Start next week powerfully & on taskSheila Hawkins
Today’s chat is to help you get solutions…especially for that #1 time waster of yours. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
What’s your #1 time waster? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
RT @ThirdEyeGrp: What’s your # 1 time waster and why do you think you have that challenge? #productivitychatLisa Orrell
hello everyone I hope I am not to late #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Thanks for joining the chat! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Take a look at your to-do list and calendar for this week and determine what’s not important and remove it #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Thank you #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
What’s your # 1 time waster? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I use to work on a 12 month calendar now I am beginning to work on a 12 week calendar #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Why did you make that change? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
because I was waiting to get things done until the end of the year. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
I want to see if I can get my goals completed in the 12 weeks. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
I read a book by Brain Moran The 12 Week Year. Great Book about 60 pages #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen So that change has you wasting time? Is it that it’s taking some getting used to? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes it does. it does make me more aware of my time and if what I am doing is working towards my goals #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Seems as though it has you focusing on what you’re doing and specifically focused on goals #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp True #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes I have always been goal setting person, sometimes I get on the wrong track. This helps #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Yes, there’s difference between goal setting and goal getting. Often people do get on wrong track #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Were you projecting all of your goals for end of year completion no matter how long they would take? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes, the one I have set for this year. I am trying to keep focus on one or two goals, not 10 goals #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Narrowing your focus works. More concentrated effort yields the results #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Most of a buisness owner years. I would work on three or four tough goals each year. Would get them done, was fustrated. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
Decided to work smarter not harder #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Yes! Smarter not harder is the way to go. Goals have to be created with a strategy in mind… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
…narrowing the focus makes the effort more concentrated and yields better results #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp True that #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@ThirdEyeGrp Thank you for this chat #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure. Love talking to women Biz owners to see what challenges them w/time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen I would imagine that once the 12 weeks is up, you can access and see what you’ll focus on later this year #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Sure then you move to your next goal after completing that one or improve on that one. Depends #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen Sounds like it would work once you get beyond the learning curve. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Especially since some people wait until the end of the year, or take the entire year to complete goals #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I see that some don’t realize that you can have goals that don’t start at 1st of the year; can start at any time depending #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Usually happens when people will create goals without a strategy in mind. With strategy in play, timing is easy #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen I think your last tweet Q was incomplete?? You asked about ideas… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes I was asking what are some of your ideas for better productivity. #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen The biggest thing is only taking on things that are related to your goals. If not related; not important #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Remove the unimportant things, delegate what you can to free up your time. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Some chase BSOs (bright shiny objects) Instead get a notebook, write down ideas, then put them on your to-do list later… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
This keeps you focused on the task at hand instead of chasing the BSOs and killing your productivity. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Another productivity killer is procrastination. Surface remedies for procrastination don’t work; have to dig deep… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Dig on deeper levels to find the REAL reason for procrastination, only then can it be eliminated for good #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp that is it. Thank you #productivitychatAnita R. Johnson
@monewisdomwomen You’re welcome! Thanks so much for chatting. Appreciate you hanging out with me! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Procrastination Annihilation™ 12 week course-dig deep to get to the real reason you put things off http://bit.ly/ProTEG #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

#productivitychat takes place on the first and third Sundays of each month. Catch the next one and address your productivity challenges!

Productivity Chat

December 16, 2012 Highlights & Key Points

Storified by Sheila Hawkins· Sun, Dec 23 2012 12:27:14

Are you struggling a bit more with the holidays to get things done? There are remedies to stop the madness. Come join me #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step # 1 If you’re struggling with getting things done, look at your habits. Do they support you? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
“Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.” ~ Nathaniel Emmons #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Habits are not good or bad; they either support you or they don’t. Evaluate your habits to see if they serve you. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Create new habits for the non supportive habits that you have now. Make sure what you creates will serve you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step #2 Your time management tool: what do you use and does it work well for you? If not, what doesn’t work? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Create new habits for the non supportive habits that you have now. Make sure what you create will serve you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Is the tool you use to manage your time paper or electronic? What don’t you like about it? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If there are too many things you don’t like about your time management tool it’s time for a new tool-one that fits! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Your time management tool should be a perfect fit for your personality. Find out what tools fit yours then choose the tool #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step # 3 Evaluate the systems you’re using in your business. Are they streamlined and do they help keep things moving? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
What systems do you use to support your business? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Must have systems: task/time management accounting filing contact management. Determine others you need to go with these #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Remedies to stop the madness: supportive habits, time management tool, systems that help keep you on track #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Stop cringing. Systems are simple: processes, tools, people. That’s it! Define those and create your systems. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Do you have routines when it comes to staying productive? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I make it a habit to plan my day. That way, I can make every attempt to stay on task. It doesnt always happen. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Planning is a "must have" when it comes to weekly and daily routines #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder When we don’t plan, we stand the chance of having our days be much less productive than they could be #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I use outlook but moving everything over to Gmail. That way I can access it from all my apple devices. #productivitychatSylvia
Outlook not so simple. You are right, planning is necessary. #productivitychatSylvia
Some prefer a more simple tool to Outlook. Goes to preference and personality. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Do you find your apple tools support you all the way around when it comes to staying productive? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Well, I can point my email to go to my device but outlook sits on puter & cant access folders. #productivitychatSylvia
Yes as there are differnt apps to help with organization. Everything updates in real time. Iphone, Ipad, gmail #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Now that makes life work! 🙂 #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Time to wrap things up…check out the tips and key points in the stream to help stop the madness and get things done #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Looking for a way to get it together & start the new year off right? Take Get It Done Challenge http://bit.ly/28DayGIT #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

Productivity Chat

Productivity Chat

November 11, 2012

Storified by Sheila Hawkins · Mon, Nov 12 2012 07:20:53

It’s time to start the chat…join me & get your time management questions answered. Pick up tips to increase productivity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
RT@ThirdEyeGrp It’s time to start the #productivitychat…join me & get your time mgmt questions answered. ~ Goodie! I have a few minutesSamirian Hill
Let me start by asking a question…What time management challenge do you have that you can’t seem to remedy? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
My challenge is managing my to do list; I pick most important items and work my way thru list… but always so much to do! #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Big challenge for many because there’s always so much to do. Delegate what you can #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Prioritizing is good. Try prioritizing before u place on your list. Will keep you from adding too much #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Also remember to relate to-do items to your goals/what’s most important. Helps cut down on # of things 2 do #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great points, thank you #Queen of #TimeManagement #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder LOL. Thanks, Sylvia! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp @moneywisdoms @sylviabrowder Hi ladies I’m here but multi tasking as mentioned. #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@ThirdEyeGrp Are you talking short term or long term goals @sylviabrowder #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Really both. What you work on daily s/b related 2 them.Right now many r focused on short term/end of year #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen If short term, look to see what’s on tap and focus on tasks related to those goals to complete them #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen Work on long term goals over time, so some focus s/b placed on them weekly, monthly accordingly #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
The other day, a client asked me, "How do you determine what amount of time is reasonable for a task?" How wud u respond? #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Good question. Start by thinking about all of the details and estimate. Over time experience will tell you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Log the time you spend on tasks as you work on them & that will give you a good idea 4 future estimates #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
RT @ThirdEyeGrp: Log the time you spend on tasks as you work on them & that will give you a good idea 4 future estimates #productivitychatSylvia
I will have to get the download. I have some writing to do. 🙂 #productivitychatSamirian Hill
@moneywisdoms Thanks for stopping by! The chat will be up on the blog in the morning #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
So tell me ladies, do you find yourself chasing bright, shiny objects instead of staying focused? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp LOL, i’ve seen a few bright shiny objects in my days! #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder LOL, we all have for sure. They’re SO tempting and it seems so reasonable to follow them at the time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp yes and yes! Then you snap out of it and try to focus again. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Right, and sometimes you don’t snap out of it for a while. What kinds of things do you follow? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Usually it’s things that we find more appealing.I see a lot of clients follow new ideas that appeal to them #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Normally due to a client asking if I know how to do something, ex., websites; business proposals; etc. #productivitychatSylvia
@ThirdEyeGrp I suppose it’s trying to focus on too many things at once. So your tips will come in handy. #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Focusing on more than one thing is a big challenge. It’s about zoning in for the allotted time on one #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Slowly but surely I’m getting there, I don’t know which is worst too much or too little time #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Well really we always have the same amount of time each day it’s how we work it that makes the difference #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp I have alot of talents so im always adding more to my list of services. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Always good to revisit the services you offer and "recreate" yourself. I look at that every year #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great idea, so can we expect more from you in 2013 @sylviabrowder #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Hi let’s see if I can do #productivitychat while shopping.Chasing Joy
@Chasing_Joy Hey there!! Glad to "see" you. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Good tip @ThirdEyeGrp @sylviabrowder #productivitychatChasing Joy
So what things are you ladies focused on to wrap up your year? What do you want to finish before it’s over? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Im putting team together to offer ‘back office support’ for @Nawomenrise & finishing up 30 & 90 day offers #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder That sounds great! I know the biz owners @nawomenrise could use that kind of support #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp me too! #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Great! You always give your community exactly what they need and ask for #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Thank you… I truly believe so! Ive been using http://Odesk.com to find contractors. Are you familiar? #productivitychatSylvia
@ThirdEyeGrp ok, so far so good… found a few good contractors for #SEO #productivitychatSylvia
@ThirdEyeGrp Any ideas on what we should be focusing on, with regards to work as we head towards year end #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Take a look at what you said you wanted to accomplish this year & compare to what you’ve done… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen Then look to see what you can finish (realistically) and get time in your calendar for it… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen Place the things you can’t finish on your agenda for early 2013 and focus on those things in January #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Do we shift the balance to next year? #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Yes, focus on them early in the year to get them done and off your list. Then focus on 2013 items #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great advice must admit been spending so much time just going without pausing for a recap. Time to fit 1 in. #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Focus on just 1. Choose something that’s really important to you and that you’ll feel good accomplishing #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp There is one thing that if I achieve it my heart will sing with joy, so I’ll keep you posted #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Perfect! That’s what it’s all about too. Not worth it if your heart isn’t singing 🙂 #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Now is the time to push to complete your 2012 goals/agenda items. Counting down fast to the end of the year #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Well said RT @ThirdEyeGrp: it’s the time to push to complete ur 2012 goals/agenda items. Counting down to end of the year #productivitychatGabriela
@Gabyrdarris Thank you!! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Chasing_Joy What are you working on for the rest of the year? Anything you want to finish before it’s over? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
need to start my book, kick of my new series in what brings me joy and get back to doing more personal posts #productivitychat @ThirdEyeGrpChasing Joy
@Chasing_Joy That’s a great way to wrap up the year and step into 2013! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Chasing_Joy A book on finding Joy? Nice! @ThirdEyeGrp #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen @Chasing_Joy Yes, much needed! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
thanks. I need yo at least get an outline done soon @ThirdEyeGrp @Gillian_Stephen #productivitychatChasing Joy
@Chasing_Joy Outline is a good thing to finish before the end of the year. @Gillian_Stephen #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Enjoyed the chat, sorry I couldn’t stay long. I got a creativity burst! #productivitychatSamirian Hill
@ThirdEyeGrp Thanks! Are previous #productivitychat posted?Samirian Hill
@moneywisdoms Yes, they’re all there. Search the blog under #productivitychat and they should all come upSheila Hawkins
Okay, ladies…time to close things out 🙁 Chatting with you all has been great as always. Any final questions? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great chat, thank you for inviting me Sheila. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Thanks for being here and for helping spread the word! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Chasing_Joy @Moneywisdoms @Gillian_Stephen Thanks for the chat. Appreciate you all for chatting. Chat will be on blog #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp @Chasing_Joy @Moneywisdoms @sylviabrowder. Thks ladies was fun & very informative. #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@ThirdEyeGrp Can you post the link to #productivitychat on your blog?Samirian Hill
@moneywisdoms Sure will. The entire chat will be posted on my blog in the morning. http://www.timeandspaceblog.com #productivitychatSheila Hawkins

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