January is Get Organized month, or GO month.  If you plan on getting it together this year, now is the time to do it.  Along with creating your goals and the plan to accomplish them, include your plans for getting organized.  For some, the hardest thing about getting organized is getting started.  So where do you begin?  What area is troubling or hindering you the most? Is it you home?  Is it your office?  Maybe it’s just part of a room, or perhaps the entire house.  Maybe it’s your office.  What ever it is, put that space at the top of your list then add any other areas that you want to organize to your list then create your plan.  After the area at the top of your list, what’s next?  Then set a date to get started and keep it moving by setting dates for the other areas on your list.  When I say “set a date” I mean schedule the time in your calendar.  Don’t just say, “I’m starting on Saturday.”  Commit to the time.

Once you have your plan mapped out, start working it.  Go into the project prepared to get rid of things.  Be willing to part with things that you don’t use any longer as well as things that no longer serve you.  If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it-give, sell or throw it away.    If you have a difficult time getting rid of things, get a third party to help you.  Be sure it’s someone who’s going to remain objective and be honest with you instead of encouraging you to keep things you need to let go of.

When you start with your first area or room, begin with a small area of the room-it can be the closet, a drawer, a particular corner or maybe it’s the desk or bookshelf.  Start with something manageable and continue working with that area until it’s complete.  Then move on to the next spot in the room and work in the room until it’s done.  Then move to the next room or area on your list.

Continue with your plan one step at a time.  Depending upon the area, you may have to schedule a few different times for that particular area.  If you find that you’re going to need more time for a room, adjust your plan accordingly.  The important thing is that you keep working your plan.  If you find that you are losing momentum or can’t stay motivated, partner with a friend or family member or hire a professional organizer to help you.  If you loose steam and stop moving, your project becomes stagnant and much harder to get the ball rolling again; more difficult to get organized.  Are you ready?  Let’s GO!

©2011 Sheila Hawkins