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I’ve said it before, and you’ll always hear me say it…productivity is personal. It’s my belief and part of my philosophy around my business. It has been for as long as I’ve been in business. There are several things that come into play here, but the primary thing is that your personality impacts your productivity. Who you are has everything to do with how you approach getting things done and it speaks to your strengths and weaknesses in this area.

When you understand who you are in your relationship with this illusion, AKA “Time”, you see your strengths and can understand why you’re good at somethings inside the get it done equation. When you look at your weaknesses you gain an understanding of why you’re challenged with certain things. When people discover who they are…or their Productivity Persona, the fog begins to lift and they start to see why things are the way they are, so confusion starts to leave.

From the point of understanding it then becomes about addressing the challenges with remedies that fit so that the challenges can be met on any given day before they show up, if they do. That point also allows you to pull your strengths into the mix as you create your foundation and a system for getting things done that will get you through your days, because it’s tailor-made to who you are.

This also includes pulling the other pieces of your Persona into the picture and that brings you full circle, with a very clear understanding of who you are in your relationship with time and how you should approach getting things done. It tells you what tools fit and what habits to build as part of the support system to get you through your to do list daily.

Who you are supports you, most times unknowingly, in the realm of productivity and it also hinders you. Your personality makes it dictates behaviors that make knocking things off your to do list difficult. Using your strengths to shore you up and transforming the weaknesses to address the challenges is what helps you get through your days and get it done.


Wielding-Time-2-Revision-2-Front-Cover-Only-June-17-2013Everything in life is about perspective. How you see things. That feeds your actions and how you operate every day. In many cases our perspective about particular things is what it is because it was what we learned, or what we picked up when we were young. Typically, people keep those views and operate from them. But what would happen if you changed your perspective? How would it impact the things that you do every day and how you operate?

For some it might be a bit upsetting, but it can also be very liberating. What do you think would happen if you were to shift your perspective of time? That new perspective would free you from the holds of the common way that people see time. It will allow you to see how you’ve given over your personal power to this thing we call time. This presentation helps you see where you are, and why you’re caught up in the struggle that so many people are caught up in daily. If that’s where you are, this presentation will help you learn where your blind spots are and get present to your dysfunctional relationship with time. Moreover, you’ll gain a new perspective of time and how to take back your personal power to increase your productivity. Go from being caught up in the struggle, to creating the space that will allow you to wield time™.

Three things that you’ll walk away with:

  • Why you struggle to manage time and the key to ending that struggle
  • What time really is
  • Setting the stage to take back your power and begin to wield time™

Join me on Wednesday, February 11th at the Bloomfield Business Networking Meet Up for Taking Back Your Power To Increase Productivity and learn tidbits from my new book Wielding Time that will help you get things done.


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