In the every day flow of things, structure and routine are quite necessary.  They get you through the days and the to-do items on your list.  When it comes to our children, we create structure and routine for them in our home environments as well as educational environments, and the structure and routines support them tremendously.  It works the same way for adults.

If you’re without that necessary structure, start by getting an appropriate tool to help you manage your time.  Choose one that’s appropriate for your time management personality.  Add to it the remaining elements of a solid time management system.

Create routines that support you daily, weekly, monthly and annually.  Look at what you do and determine the things that should become routine for you.  For instance, to keep your time management system flowing you’ll need to plan on a weekly basis and to give your calendar and to-do list a daily review either the night prior or in the morning before you start your day.

Determine the other things that you need to establish a routine for and set it in motion.  The routines become a part of your foundation and support you on a daily basis.