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Mercury Retro-Refocus Regroup RenewOn May 18th we entered Mercury retrograde and the energy will be present until June 11th and we’ll be in it’s shadow for a short time afterward. Mercury Retrograde occurs when the planet appears to be moving backwards, into its shadow, which causes communication, scheduling, transportation and even our judgment to become a bit cloudy or error prone.

You can use this retrograde to stay productive and continue moving forward. With things in the outer realm being challenged, it’s smart to plan for delays and errors. It’s also a good idea to double check due dates, meeting times and to make sure communications you’ve sent are received and clear. You may find that you have email issues during this time as well. It has been said that this is not a good time for planning new things, but rather a time to continue planning things that have already be started, or to revisit projects that aren’t yet complete. Be sure that you have your technology covered, meaning that your files, contacts, etc are backed up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients and others tell me that they don’t have their files and other important information backed up. I’ve also witnessed people go through that painful process of losing all of the files on their laptop or all of their contacts and having to start from scratch. Definitely not somewhere you want to be

While things in the outer realm may be challenging during this time, this is a great time retreat within. To make the time to reflect for introspection and to work on ourselves. As you take that retreat, look to see where your habits have you hung up and what steps it will take for you release them. Don’t look at your habits as good or bad, just simply that they are either serving you or they’re not. What do you see hinders you on a daily basis when it comes to getting things off your to-do list? How can you shift things to create a habit that will support you. Engage someone else if you feel you need accountability in making that shift.

Use the energy that is present now while we’re in retrograde to refocus. Maybe you’re off track on a few things or feel as though you haven’t paid enough attention to something. Now is the time to get back on track. Regroup in your outer realm as well as the inner and allow things to be renewed so that you’re back on point and you can use this period to organize or reorganize your office, and restructure things by getting systems in place to shore up your foundation. This can be a very empowering time if you allow it to be. Refocus, regroup and renew to empower your productivity.


Once you’ve created your to-do list, the items on it should be prioritized.  Ideally, when the items reach your to-do list they should already have a priority based upon the priority of the projects or goals they are related to.  If, however, you don’t have that system in place yet, look at the items on your to-do list and assign a priority to each.  I recommend the ABC method when it comes to prioritizing.

Of course a top priority or something that is very important would be an “A” task.  Things that have serious negative consequences fall under this category.

A “B” priority is considered important-not as important as an “A” task.  There are only minor negative consequences for not completing it.

“C” priorities are things that would be nice to do, of course, not as important as A&B priorities and there aren’t any negative consequences for not completing them.

You can even take it a step farther.  Look at all of you’re a tasks and assign numbers to them so that you end up with A1, A2, etc.  Anything beyond a “C” priority is something that can be “D”, delegated or “E”, eliminated altogether.  Things beyond a “C” priority are not worth your precious time.

As I mentioned, ideally, tasks have a priority when they reach your to-do list based upon the project or goal they are associated with.  When you initially add or begin planning for a project its priority should be assigned at that time.  This way, related tasks already have a priority when they filter down to your to-do list and it has you scheduling priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule.  Two very distinct things.  Scheduling your priorities will save you time and increase your productivity.

In my next post I’ll share information on using you daily to-do list.

When it comes to having tasks hit our to-do list and calendar, typically, people schedule their tasks without thinking about it, with things getting put in your calendar at random or because they have importance in that moment.  Once they’re on your schedule, it’s more difficult to figure out what’s important and what things take priority.  This is how most people operate on a daily basis, prioritizing their schedule.

When you flip the script and schedule your priorities you operate from a place of power.  You already know what priorities each task has because of its associated goal.  Of course, your goals are created and prioritized ahead of time, so that you have a clear picture of what you’re doing and why.  Things get to your schedule because you know they belong there and you know exactly where they belong and why.  Instead of wasting time after items are on your schedule to figure out priorities, you can take action and get things done.

Operate from that place of power and know that when you do, your priorities will support you and get you from point A to point B and help you maintain the momentum that you need to accomplish what you set out to do.

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