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Time is our most precious resource and once we’ve spent it, it’s gone, so we have to manage well.  when you stop to think about it, we really can’t manage time, but we can mange ourselves.  To do so, you’ve got to have a tool to help you manage your time, one that fits what I call your time management personality.  If you don’t have a tool that fits that you’re using to the fullest extent, you are more likely to be frustrated with your time than productive.

In addition to the right tool, you’ve got to have a system for managing yourself when it comes to your time.  Your tool is part of the system, coupled with your master task list, daily to-do list, planning,  prioritizing and knowing how to say “no”.  All of these things and good habits have to come together into a solid foundation to support you in managing yourself around your time and being able to get it all done.

We teach our children so many things-from how to play games and rid a bike to family traditions and culture, but we’re not teaching them how to roganize and manage themselves.  Effective organizing can lead to succ4ss in school and keep you from losing it when it comes to getting ready for and getting through the school year.  Missing assignments, losing supplies and forgotten homework are all results of poor organizing habits.  Replace them with healthier habits and you set your child up for success in school and beyond.

To do so, get things organized and instill good time and and self management skills in your young person, set up space and systems for your child and yourself in your home, and give them the physical tools to support them.  Here are a few tips on surviving the back to school madness.  Continue reading…

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