CluelessBizWomanI’m going to talk about the things that you never knew about time. The things that no one ever told you. The things that keep you stuck and unproductive. Let’s start with the fact that no one ever told you anything about getting and staying organized or managing yourself around time. We are taught many things when we’re young but these two things are just not in the mix, so unless you have a natural disposition toward these things and have these abilities, you don’t have a clue and nine times out of ten, your latter school life and professional life suffer. Right now, if you still haven’t figured it out, your business is suffering.

You learned how to tell time but didn’t learn about time, you just basically picked up what others knew via osmosis. What you came to know was that time runs the show. You learned that by watching everybody else under its rule and you did the same thing. Time is running the show and you’ve given all of your power over to it.

What people don’t realize is that time isn’t real. It doesn’t exist! The only thing that makes time real is the agreement around it among those using it that it’s real. Time is something that man created to help understand and comprehend the physical world as he sees it in his every day experience. But here you are, trying to manage it. Something that doesn’t even exist. Maybe now it’s easy to see why you wrestle so much with getting things done.

Something else that you don’t know is that productivity isn’t about anything outside of or separate from you. It doesn’t happen with that linear approach to time or the one size fits all boxed solutions or remedies. It starts with you. When it comes to getting things done, you have to be at the core of it all.

These are just a few of the things that you don’t know about time, but now you do. Now it’s time to step back and take a look at things through a different point of view to see what the landscape really looks like and create your own personalized way of dealing with time and getting things done. You can learn more by continuing to read articles here on my blog and by visiting my website. If you’re ready to take that step, book your Zen Day or Deep Dive session with me now.