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WomanandFlyingPaperThis is a repost from earlier this year, but given the conversations that I’ve been having lately with people, I think it’s relevant.

On the surface, spaces get cluttered because things aren’t assigned a home; because people shop without a list or without thinking before they buy; can’t decide whether or not to keep something; keep things because they have a monetary or sentimental value attached to them. In my interaction with clients I have gone beneath the surface and found that those dealing with clutter have usually had something happen that started the process of clutter accumulating.  Beneath the surface lies the truth about you and your clutter.

There are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections between you and your environment.  The same is so when it comes to a cluttered environment.  When we look beyond the physical clutter we can begin to see the connection to the physical body.  So just how does clutter relate to the physical body?  Often when you have clutter you’re also dealing with health concerns or excess body weight, which has you feel the same way the clutter does—drained, no balance, heavy and wanting to get out of your body.  In a cluttered space there is no real life present, there is limited movement or it can be difficult to move about the space, there is no balance, and walking into the space can make you feel uncomfortable or wanting to leave the space.  For some, the clutter is a way of protecting themselves, just as excess body weight can be a form of protection.  Getting to the root cause of the physical body issues is the key to being able to get rid of the clutter in your environment.  Weight loss or addressing health concerns opens the door and motivates you to get rid of clutter permanently and decluttering an environment clears the way to weight loss or resolving health issues.  Additionally, getting rid of the physical clutter can cause lifestyle changes.

When you look at the mental perspective, clutter accumulates in physical spaces when mental clutter begins to accumulate.  The mental clutter is the result of stress, related emotions and minor or major shifts or changes in life.  When we’re cluttered mentally, we find it difficult to focus, we’re not clear, and can feel mentally weighed down and drained.  Our thought patterns represent what the physical environment looks like.  When you free yourself of the mental load; remove the blockage, you pave the way for clearing your space and become clear again mentally.  When your mind is clear, your environment is clear.  Likewise, when your environment is clear your mind is clear.

Then there’s the emotional connection to clutter.  Now, you may not think about this area of your life being cluttered, but how many times have you known people to walk around with unresolved emotions?  What happens at the end of a relationship?  Usually there are things that remain unfinished, unsaid, and plenty of emotion as well as the baggage to go along with it.   At times it’s not a relationship that’s ended that leaves us cluttered emotionally, but the existing relationships—the vampires, draining relationships, and the abusive ones as well.  They are all forms of emotional clutter.  If there is enough of it and if it remains for long enough, this emotional clutter will flow over into your environment.  If you’re dealing with a cluttered environment, take a look at your inner circle and see who’s present.  It may be possible that there are some people in your life that need to be removed.

Finally, there’s the spiritual connections that exist between you and your clutter. This area is extremely important, as spirituality is at your core.  You are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Everything is energy, including clutter.  We know that like attracts like, therefore, clutter attracts more clutter.  The more clutter you have in a space, the heavier or more negative the energy, which impacts you directly.  This is the energy that will keep you from being productive in a number of ways.

That energy will blur your vision, keep you confused and from moving forward in life. Everyone has their own personal path; a reason why they are here on the planet, or life’s purpose and when there’s clutter you are detoured from that path because it becomes difficult to connect with your Higher Power or Creator, and your Higher or Spiritual Self.  When you hold on to things you remain connected to the past.  The things you hold onto hold the energy from past relationships or other situations, and you stay there in that space unable to connect on a spiritual level or to move forward on your path.  The clutter leaves you in a place where you have absolutely no freedom, which is completely opposite from the freedom that is inherent within you as a spiritual being.

Before you get ready to roll up your sleeves and clear the clutter from your space, take a look at what lies beneath.  What’s going on with you physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually?  There is so much more to clutter than meets the eye.  Many people think that clutter is only stuff that needs to be removed or put away, and wonder how it could be so difficult to get rid of, but don’t be fooled.  It really isn’t that simple.  You are your clutter and if you really want to get rid of the clutter once and for all, start with you.

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Those plagued by clutter continue to surround themselves with stuff to keep away some sort of pain.  The clutter allows those people to manipulate their feeling joy and they care more about that feeling that they associate with the things they acquire.  When they’re not in the process of acquiring things, that feeling disappears and they begin to feel uncomfortable, feeling the need for that fix.  That is how it becomes an addiction.

When that feeling comes up it’s easy to think that you want the thing that you’re looking at in the store, but it’s not really the item that you want, although you think it is and you’ve created reasons about why you need it or what you could use it for.  What you’re looking for is that fix; the feeling that you get when you acquire something.  You’re looking for the sense of happiness, pleasure, etc that you think having the item will bring you. You’re flying high off those feelings when the truth of the matter is that the  sense of happiness and pleasure is false.  You only feel it in that moment and after you acquire the thing that you think will bring you some pleasure, the feeling fades away.  Your high is gone and deep inside you the real things that are eating at you are still there.  Those real or true feelings are usually fear, sadness, or some other downer emotion and they aren’t going anywhere until you deal with them.

The only way to deal with those emotions is to start looking at why you’re addicted.  What are you trying to protect yourself from?  The roots of your clutter lie within you.  If you’re familiar with me you know that I teach that clutter has mental, emotional spiritual and physical connections, and it’s those areas that you have to delve into to get to the real reason you can’t get rid of your clutter.  Clutter has to be cleared from the inside out.  When you begin to physically clear your space, you can start getting to the root cause of your clutter; to the root cause of your addiction.  When you clear the space without dealing with what’s going on inside, the clutter returns to your space for you to deal with all over again.

When you deal with the real reason for your addiction, you begin to heal that place within you that is experiencing pain and feeling the need for the addictive behavior, which allows you to be able to let go of the excess in your space and no longer feel the need for that false sense of happiness.  As you let go of the excess in your environment, you let go of the emotions that are eating away at you causing your addiction, leaving you with a decluttered environment, and free of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical clutter that plagues you.



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