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CleaningIncluded in the non-supportive habits that I encounter with clients, is the habit of dumping things onto to-do lists and calendars. What happens is things come to mind that have to be done or added to your calendar and you cram them in without even thinking about where they should go or if they even fit.  A lot of times it’s because if you don’t, you won’t have a way to remember them.

We’re about a month into Spring and with the season comes the traditional “Spring cleaning” and truthfully, this a good time to clean, purge and organize your office too.  If you didn’t purge and archive files at the end of the year, spring is a good time to do so.  It’s also a good time to look at the systems and routines that you have in place to support you in your day to day activities.  Your office isn’t the only thing that can get cluttered and disorganized.  The same can happen to your calendar and your to-do list.

If you look at your calendar and don’t see time where you’re working on things that are relevant to your business goals and projects or meetings that are related to what you’re up to or where you’re going, then it’s time to clean up your act.  Do you see blocks of me time or are you not even on your own calendar?

Spring clean your calendar by getting rid of the things that aren’t relevant.  If something isn’t relevant it’s not worthy of your time.  If you’re overbooked, reassess what’s there. Everything that you have scheduled time for should have a related priority.  Allow those priorities to determine whether or not the items remain on your calendar.

To continue, look at your to-do list.  Chances are it’s pretty full. Weed out the things that aren’t important and if there are things that you can delegate do it! The things on your to-do list should also have a level of priority assigned to them before things make it to your list. Not having a priority can cost you precious time.

These quick steps will declutter your calendar and your to-do list.  To keep them that way planning is key. As you plan, keep your goals top of mind and don’t allow anything that’s not related to find its way in, and don’t over commit yourself.  Know what you are capable of handling and be realistic.  Before you commit to something, make sure that it’s relevant and that you have the time to dedicate to it.  These things will greatly assist you in managing your work load and keeping extra hours and clutter off of your agenda.



As we all know, spring has come to an end.  In the Northern Hemisphere, summer solstice begins on Jun 21 2011 at 1:16 P.M. EDT.  Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year.  This gives us the start of longer days and summer fun.  If you did any spring cleaning, I hope that along with that you included decluttering and organizing your space.

If you haven’t already decluttered your environment, it’s time to hop to it and do it.  Declutter your environment one room at a time, pull out the summer clothes, pull out the grill, patio furniture, get rid of the things you no longer want or need and get ready for the season.  Doing these things now will have you be prepared for those summer events and activities.

The days may be getting longer, but it doesn’t mean that you have more time to get things done.  You have the same number of hours in every given day as usual.  Spring officially ends tomorrow, take the time now to get ready for summer so that you’ll be one step closer to getting things done and having fun.

When Spring rolls around, most people think and talk about “Spring cleaning” which for a lot of people means cleaning from top to bottom.  You know how it is, you clean all of those things that you wouldn’t clean during your regular weekly cleaning routine.

Spring cleaning is a beautiful thing and paves the way into the season, but when you really think about it , it s down to more than just cleaning.  If you really want to pave the way into the season, you have to purge and establish or refine systems that you already have in place.   Over the course of a year our homes and office spaces can accumulate quite a bit of things and it’s important that we weed those things out on a regular basis so that we only end up with things that we like and things that serve a purpose, which is important when you consider that clutter changes the energy in a space, not to mention physically blocks space.  When the space is free and clear of clutter the energy shifts.

As you declutter your space, sort things into separate boxes: give away, sell, throw away and be sure to get rid of old things associated with negative experiences or emotions.  The energy from them slows down progress and makes the energy in the space heavy, which really doesn’t work especially if you leave it in a work space.  Once you’ve decluttered, be sure that everything has a designated space.  Additionally, be sure that you have a system in place that will keep your environment clutter free and create new habits that will support you.  Additionally, look at your calendar and to-do list.  Clutter can accumulate there as well, it just happens to be in the form of unnecessary appointments and tasks.  When you finish decluttering your space, get rid of the unnecessary things on your calendar and to-do list as well.  Doing so will help you spring forward into the season.

Typically with Spring comes the traditional “Spring cleaning” which usually means cleaning the house from top to bottom.  Truthfully, it has to encompass more than the usual cleaning.  With things they way they are now-a-days, most of us aren’t getting in even the traditional Spring cleaning, but we have to do that and more.  These are my Top 10 tips for Spring organizing:

  • Clean and organize every season or at least twice each year
  • Don’t just clean, but declutter!
  • When you declutter your physical space, think about doing the same with your physical body.  The two are related
  • Clear your mental clutter and remember that when you have clutter in your space, it impacts you on a mental level
  • Get rid of the emotional clutter-toxic people; you know, the ones with the drama, vampires, users, and pessimists
  • Consider that when there is clutter in your space, the energy is different.  When the space is free and clear of clutter the energy shifts.  Get rid of old things associated with negative experiences or emotions.  The energy from them slows down progress and makes the energy in the space heavy.
  • Organize your space after you declutter.  Make a space for everything and put everything in its space
  • Create systems and processes to support you
  • Create and incorporate new habits
  • Triage your time.  Discover your time management personality, choose a tool that fits that personality and create a system for managing your time and stop multitasking!
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