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Simply put, you can’t manage your time without a means to do so.  We all know that there never seem to be enough hours in any given day, but we aren’t going to get any more, so we have to work with what we’ve got.

Besides knowing what’s important to you, you have to have a tool to assist in managing your time and a system to support it.  Not only is it important to have a tool, but it’s important to have one that fits your time management personality.  Yes, when it comes to time management, we each have a personality.  If the tool you choose is going to properly serve you, it’s got to fit your personality.

Once you know your time management personality, choosing a tool is quite easy.  When you have the tool, set it up and  make complete use of it.  Tools have the features that they do for a reason: to serve you, so maximize your knowledge and your use of the tool that you choose.  Doing so will maximize your productivity.  Once you have the tool and understand its features, begin to put it to use and create a system to support it.  That system includes knowing what I call your “Prime Time”, regular planning,  prioritizing your tasks and other supportive habits.

If you have a tool that you are using to manage your time, but things just don’t seem to be working, it’s time to ask a few questions: “Do I have the right tool?”  If so, “Am I maximizing its use?”  If not, “What’s the right tool for my time management personality?”  The sooner you ask yourself these questions and take the steps to implement the proper tool for you along with a system to support it, the sooner you can increase your productivity.

Life is all about how we relate to the things and people around us.  Our friends and family, how we do business, everything is based upon relationships and those relationships impact everything.

The same is so when it comes to time.  Our relationship with time impacts everything.  Most of us aren’t really conscious of how we relate to time.  Do you squander it, or use it wisely?  How many times have you overlooked or not allotted time for that particular project, then found yourself scrambling to get it done by the deadline.  In that rush, other things get delayed, put off or forgotten along the way, each having its own impact on you and others.

That domino affect has a lasting impact.  Not only are other to-do items affected but your reputation may be as well.  To stop the dominoes from falling, stop and explore your relationship to time.  It’s as simple as looking at how your time is being spent by logging what you do for a week or so.  Where is your time going; are you spending it on what’s important to you?  Are you making time to plan or is your focus on rushing and putting out fires because of a lack of planning?  How do you view time?  Perhaps you think there’s never enough of it.  Next, look at your personal preferences around time.  All of these things help to reveal your relationship with time.

Once you know how you’re relating to time, you can set the stage for improving that relationship.  If you’re not spending time on the important things, then shift gears and your focus.  Remove the unimportant things from your to-do items.  Doing so won’t happen over night, but it is possible.  Then discover your time management personality by looking at your personal preferences and choose a time management tool that fits that personality.  Implement use of every feature the tool provides, set it up and use it in your regular planning along with other tools and habits to complete a solid time management system.

These simple steps will help you improve your relationship with time and impact your life in a positive way.

©2010 Sheila Hawkins

For ultimate success, a business should run like a well-oiled machine.  In order for that to be possible, there have to be systems and processes in place to keep things moving.  It saves time and money, has you making fewer mistakes and keeps you from constantly reinventing the wheel.

A good example is the human body.  The human body is the most magnificent machine there is.  It is comprised of a number of automatic and autonomic systems that support its proper function.  Each of these systems has a process that is carried out and all contribute to the function of the body and the body continues to function properly until one of those processes or systems is disrupted.  Even when the time comes for transition, there is a process that takes place.

The same is true with your business.  If you have established systems and processes for every area of your business, it runs like a well-oiled machine.  Use of time is maximized and productivity levels are high.  If not, things don’t run so smoothly.  Time is wasted by those within the company; from the owner and top management on down the line and there are gaps that cause mishaps and poor customer experiences.  All of which negatively impact your bottom line.  What systems do you have in place to have your business run like a well-oiled machine?

Have you ever tried to keep everything in your head instead of writing it down?  If simply doesn’t work.  Not to say that you can’t remember a lot of things, but keeping it all in your head will kill your productivity for sure.

You can end up forgetting something important, being distracted and focused on trying to remember something instead of focused on the task at hand, not to mention the feelings of anxiety it can bring.

To get those items off of your mind, utilize your time management tool.  If you have a PDA or Smart Phone, enter that item in the memo pad feature and then at the end of the day move the notes from the memo pad to your task list or place it in your calendar if it’s going to take longer than 15 minutes to do.

If you use a paper system, jot it down on your task list or a pad of paper and move it to your task list at the end of the day or the next morning when you do your planning.

You can also use a voice recorder if you so, or a service like Jott that will transcribe your voice messages to yourslef into emails or text messages and send them to you, but what ever you do, make sure you make the notes in one place, not a number of different places.  That will kill your productivity too.  Get your to-do list out of your head and into your time management system.

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