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Given all of the things that go into business and all of the pieces that have to come together, typically business owners don’t think about getting their business in order, which is unfortunate because in order to run a successful business, you have to be organized.

For ultimate success, a business should run like a well-oiled machine. There have to be systems and processes in place. It saves time and money, has you making fewer mistakes and keeps you from constantly reinventing the wheel.

Look at the human body. It’s the most magnificent machine there is. It is comprised of a number of automatic systems that support proper function. Each of these systems has a process that and all contribute to the function of the body. The body continues to function properly until one of those processes or systems is disrupted.

The same is true with your business. If you have established systems and processes for every area of your business, it runs like a well-oiled machine. Use of time is maximized and productivity levels are high. If not, things don’t run so smoothly and time is wasted and there are gaps that cause mishaps and poor customer experiences. All of which negatively impact your bottom line.

If your business doesn’t have systems and processes in place, there’s no time like the present to create and implement them. Start by assessing the current situation. Get rid of the things that aren’t working, and then take a close look at what is working and be sure there are solid systems around those things. Next, create the new systems that are missing. Typically you want filing, accounting, client and time management systems.

Each one of these systems is an integral part of running a successful business and coupled with other systems you need specifically for your business they will support you and help increase your productivity and profit. Creating and implementing them isn’t as difficult as it may seem. If you’re a business owner and you don’t have established systems and processes in place, I strongly encourage you to seize the moment and take action now to create the systems that you need to support you in your business efforts.

If you’re one of those people who cringe at the thought of setting up systems or may not know how to go about doing it.  To help you identify the systems you need in place for your business this Key Business Systems Jump Start Package.  This package gives you a template to create 4 basic “must have” systems for your business, a check list to help you identify the additional systems you need and a list of tools & technology that you can use to support your systems.  Get your Key Business Systems Jump Start Kit right here.


Time is our most precious resource and once we’ve spent it, it’s gone, so we have to manage well.  when you stop to think about it, we really can’t manage time, but we can mange ourselves.  To do so, you’ve got to have a tool to help you manage your time, one that fits what I call your time management personality.  If you don’t have a tool that fits that you’re using to the fullest extent, you are more likely to be frustrated with your time than productive.

In addition to the right tool, you’ve got to have a system for managing yourself when it comes to your time.  Your tool is part of the system, coupled with your master task list, daily to-do list, planning,  prioritizing and knowing how to say “no”.  All of these things and good habits have to come together into a solid foundation to support you in managing yourself around your time and being able to get it all done.

Being a time management coach I’ve seen many people challenged with many things over the years when it comes to managing their time.  For some it’s the distracting, disorganized environment that makes things challenging; some don’t know their personal energy cycles, or what I call their “prime time” so they work against their grain.  Others don’t spend enough time on their top priorities so the important things aren’t getting done, and there are those who get caught up in the email vortex completely distracted from the tasks at hand.  Still there are others who do things without thinking and planning, and those who don’t handle interruptions effectively and some who are busy doing nothing all day.

Believe it or not, I could go on since there are so many things that can challenge individuals with managing their time, but these are the repeat offenders.  If you find it challenging to manage your time, I’m guessing that you find yourself somewhere in one or maybe more of the above situations.  I’m curious to know what challenges you have.  If I’ve described your situation or if I didn’t mention your time management challenge, take a moment to reply to this post to let me know where you’re most challenged when it comes to managing your time.

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