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Time!  There never seems to be enough of it to get in all of the things we want or need to do.  One reason we never seem to have what we consider to be enough time is that time is elusive.  It’s intangible.  We can’t see or touch it, it can’t be captured or moved and it’s hard to conceptualize.

If we can change our perception of time and develop a more tangible view of it and change our habits, we can master it.  First we must realize that since time is not a tangible thing, there really is no such thing as time management.  Time management is self management; we have to manage ourselves.

Secondly, we have to realize that time management, or how we manage ourselves when it comes to our time, is personal.  We each have our own time management personality based upon our relationship to time.  If we don’t know that personality and have a tool that matches it, our level or productivity is not at its prime.  It’s easy to walk into your favorite office supply or technology service provider and choose a tool, but the tool you choose may not work for you if it doesn’t fit your time management personality.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.  Years ago a friend of mine purchased what was then, the latest and greatest Palm Pilot and absolutely hated it.  She said it didn’t work for her.  It didn’t work for her because it didn’t fit her time management personality, which is why when she went back to her Franklin Planner, she was able to easily manage her time again.  Her time management personality traits were a fit for a paper tool rather than an electronic one.  Just choosing a tool to manage your time without knowing what type of tool fits is like walking into a store and buying an outfit or a pair of shoes without considering your size.  You have to understand how you relate to time and choose a tool accordingly.

Knowing your time management personality is a key component in reaching your goals.  Once you understand how you relate to time, you’re on your way to increased productivity, which is vital to success in both your personal and business lives.  If you struggle to manage your time, it’s likely that you struggle to get everything done, and as a result your productivity level is lower than it would be if you had the right tool and a system to support it. Once you have the right tool and a system in place, you can smoothly navigate through your days, weeks and months as well as any turning points in your personal or business life.  Personalizing your time management can increase not only your productivity, but that of your team.

Some think that no one ever has enough time or that productive people work harder than others and neither of these myths is true.  We all get the same amount of time–1,440 minutes every day; it’s how we invest it that makes the difference.  If we invest it wisely, we end up getting it all done, working smarter, not harder.  Time is our most valuable resource and no matter how hard we wish for it, we can’t get more of it.  What we can do is change our perspective of time and learn to manage it so that we get to what matters most.  When we do so, we increase our productivity and positively impact our bottom line.

If you’re looking to learn your own time management personality, join me for a webinar where you will Discover Your Time Management Personality.  If you miss the webinar or the replay, check out Personalizing Time Management.


Even in this day and age of technology and tools, people still struggle with managing their time.  Technology has nothing to do with managing time, unless, of course, when it comes to supporting you in doing so.  Time management is about managing your self in a way that has you utilize your time effectively.  To do so, there are three primary things that have to be in play, the first is Key #1, the right time management tool.

Now, by “the right time management tool” I mean a tool that fits your time management personality; one that’s the right fit for you.  One key thing to remember when it comes to choosing a tool is that having the latest and greatest thing out there, doesn’t mean that it’s the right tool for you.  No matter how great it is, it still might not be the right type of tool for you.

With everything that’s out there, it boils down to you having paper and digital tools to choose from.  Once you determine which type of tool is right for your personality, there are a number of options that you have within each of those categories, especially when it comes to digital options.  If you’d like more information on paper and digital tools, click the respective links to learn more.

Discover your time management personality then choose an appropriate tool.  Once you do that, optimize its use.  Learn everything there is to learn about each of the tools features and implement their use.  Make the tool work for you; support you in your every day tasks.  Just like the tools in a mechanic’s tool box, those that you use should perform the job they were bought to do.  If not, it’s time for something new.  If what you’re using now isn’t working it’s quite possible that you don’t have a tool that fits your personality.  Go back to the drawing board and discover what’s right for you.

In my next post, I’ll share information about Key #2.

You have the first two keys from the last two posts and it’s time for the final key system.  This is a place where many find themselves challenged and sad to say, for some it just goes right out of the window.  Which isn’t good for business.

As a business owner, you have to manage yourself in a way that has you on top of everything and getting things done, so, yes, you need a system for that too.  If you don’t currently have a time management tool that is working well for you, it might be time to assess why it’s not working for you and determine what tool would be more appropriate for your time management personality.

Once you have the appropriate tool, set it up, learn how to use every feature it affords you and use it to its fullest capacity.  Additionally, set up other components as a part of your time management system.  For example, you want to incorporate the use of a master task list and a daily task list along with the good time management habits of planning and prioritizing to shore you up.  For more info on additional elements of a solid time management system, see my post on Your Time Management Tool Box.

When you put these things into place and use them regularly, you can be rid of the aforementioned scenarios and have control of every aspect of your business.  Even when you’re wearing multiple hats, with these things in place you will be large and in charge, calling all the shots; able to handle your business.

Time can be a tricky thing and it takes a solid system to make it tangible.  Part of any good time management system is, of course, a tool to help you manage your time.  The important thing is to find a tool that fits what I call your time management personality so that you end up with a tool that will work for you and max it out.  We each are unique individuals with our own personality and our personality plays into what tool works for us when it comes to managing our time.

Once you know what your time management personality is, you know what tools are at your disposal.  There are two types of tools: paper and digital.  No matter which tool fits your personality, you have to maximize its options not only to get the most out of the tool, but to manage your time in the most effective way.  Make an educated choice and by getting to know what features your tool has; everything that it’s capable of doing then max it out.  Set it up for optimal use.  The worst thing that you can do with the perfect tool is to not use it to its full capacity.  Allow it to serve you in all of the ways that it can.  Take the time to read the material that comes with it, seek assistance to gain understanding if necessary so that you’re armed with information and empowered with what it has to offer you.  Invest the time initially so that you’re not stumped later on down the road under using something that could be serving you in a much better way.

If a digital tool is the right fit for you and you chose a phone that allows you to receive your email, set up your email according to the instructions you received from your service provider.  For both paper and digital solutions, begin adding your calendar items and then your contacts.  I know, this can take some time, but if you block out an hour or so each day over a few days, depending upon the number of contacts you have.  Whether you’re working with a paper system or an electronic one, the good news is that once they’re in, they’re in and all you have to do from that point is make updates.

For electronic tools, you might have a memo pad, software applications such as MS Word, Excel and Power Point and various media files.  Learn their capabilities and how they can support you and put them to use.  Remember, max out your time management tool.  Learning all of its features, how to use them and implement its use for maximum impact.

To get any job done, you have to have the right tools.  Without them, there will be things that are incomplete or that can’t really happen because of the absence of the right tools.

Today’s society moves at the speed of sound.  We have more information coming at us than ever before and many more demands for our time.  Business owners and employees are wearing multiple hats, within and outside of the business, so effective time management is increasingly at the heart of personal and business culture and is vital to your success.  You cannot afford to have your day control you; you have to control your day.  This means having the right tools  to support you.

What tools do you have that assist you in managing your time effectively?  Do you have the right tool, and if so, are you using it? What other things do you have in place? Do you have a system to support your time management tool?  Below are the right tools for your time management tool box:

  • The right time management tool; one that matches your time management personality
  • A master task list that includes everything that you want, have and dream of doing
  • Daily to-do lists to house the smaller tasks associated with your goals and items on your master task list
  • Supportive habits: planning, prioritizing, goal setting (with a written plan),  and saying “no”.

If these items aren’t in your tool box, consider what adding them can do for you.  If you have a tool for managing your time and it’s not working, it might be because you don’t have a tool that fits.  Find out what type of tool fits your time management personality, add that to your tool box along with the other necessary tools to get the job done.

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