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Time & Space Radio: Final Countdown to 2014

This will be the final show of 2013. It’s hard to believe that an entire year has gone by. Come join me as I close out the year with my final 2013 show. I’m going to help you get things tightened up to be ready for the new year. We’re going to talk about letting go of the clutter and controlling the paper, getting rid of what you don’t need and the things that no longer serve you.

I’ll show you what you can do to get ready for the upcoming tax season and how to be sure that you’re always ready without the hassle of the paper discombobulation. We’ll also talk about what’s happening for you next year. I have a checklist for you to use too. Mark the date in your calendar with a reminder and tune in!

Are You Always Late?

You might only be 5 minutes late, but late is late.  Period!  If you are among the punctually challenged, you’re not by yourself.  15-20% of people in the United States are challenged with getting from point A to point B on time and it affects all types of people.  Lateness is not limited to one set of people, workers or even levels of education.

What happens when you’re late?  Let’s say you’re 20 minutes late to a meeting.  Depending upon the role you play in the group that’s meeting, and whether or not those waiting on you have a good sense of how to handle meetings, the meeting may not start until after you get there.  Once you walk in 20 minutes late, there are usually the greetings, small talk and other things that take place instead of the meeting agenda.  That 20 minute delay then turns into a 30 minute delay and things at that point are way off track, ending with either the meeting agenda not being completely covered or with those in attendance leaving the meeting late, having a domino effect on their day and those around them. Not only does chronic tardiness affect others, it’s not all that great for your reputation and it can cost you greatly in the work environment.  It will do everything from annoy peers to causing the loss of a job because of tardiness.  It can also impact your self esteem and shows a lack of respect for others.

If you’re struggling with chronic lateness, and you’re ready for a solution, there are some things that have to come into play before you can change this negative habit you have to come to terms with it, give up your excuses and admit that you have a problem.  Realistically speaking, it’s going to take time to change your behavior.  At least 21 days.  That’s the amount of time they say it takes for the brain to engage in a new habit, but it can take a little longer.  You may start out excited and get off to a good start, but then at some point you crash and burn and start to go back to your old habits.  Give yourself time and be patient with yourself.  Create the right attitude; know what your priorities are and what’s important to you.  If you’re really serious about making the shift, punctuality and dependability should be at the top of your list.

Additionally, time management isn’t something that will help you get out of this bad habit because chronic lateness is not just caused by being disorganized.  There’s a payoff that you’re getting.  You might not think so, but somewhere in the mix, there is a way that you’re benefiting from your behavior.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t continue to do it.  Take a closer look to see what your payoff is.  It’s key to changing your behavior.

If chronic lateness is a challenge for you, join me live for my March Time & Space Radio broadcast, I’m Late, I’m Late.  It takes place on March 13th.  If you happen to be reading this after the fact, click the link to listen to the recording.  I’ll be sharing information on chronic lateness and its impact, motivations and habits, the real reasons for it, solutions and why time management won’t necessarily work.


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