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This slide show contains a few highlights from my most recent #productivitychat.


Productivity Chat

December 16, 2012 Highlights & Key Points

Storified by Sheila Hawkins· Sun, Dec 23 2012 12:27:14

Are you struggling a bit more with the holidays to get things done? There are remedies to stop the madness. Come join me #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step # 1 If you’re struggling with getting things done, look at your habits. Do they support you? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
โ€œHabit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.โ€ ~ Nathaniel Emmons #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Habits are not good or bad; they either support you or they don’t. Evaluate your habits to see if they serve you. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Create new habits for the non supportive habits that you have now. Make sure what you creates will serve you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step #2 Your time management tool: what do you use and does it work well for you? If not, what doesn’t work? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Create new habits for the non supportive habits that you have now. Make sure what you create will serve you #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Is the tool you use to manage your time paper or electronic? What don’t you like about it? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If there are too many things you don’t like about your time management tool it’s time for a new tool-one that fits! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Your time management tool should be a perfect fit for your personality. Find out what tools fit yours then choose the tool #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step # 3 Evaluate the systems you’re using in your business. Are they streamlined and do they help keep things moving? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
What systems do you use to support your business? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Must have systems: task/time management accounting filing contact management. Determine others you need to go with these #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Remedies to stop the madness: supportive habits, time management tool, systems that help keep you on track #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Stop cringing. Systems are simple: processes, tools, people. That’s it! Define those and create your systems. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Do you have routines when it comes to staying productive? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I make it a habit to plan my day. That way, I can make every attempt to stay on task. It doesnt always happen. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Planning is a "must have" when it comes to weekly and daily routines #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder When we don’t plan, we stand the chance of having our days be much less productive than they could be #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I use outlook but moving everything over to Gmail. That way I can access it from all my apple devices. #productivitychatSylvia
Outlook not so simple. You are right, planning is necessary. #productivitychatSylvia
Some prefer a more simple tool to Outlook. Goes to preference and personality. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Do you find your apple tools support you all the way around when it comes to staying productive? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Well, I can point my email to go to my device but outlook sits on puter & cant access folders. #productivitychatSylvia
Yes as there are differnt apps to help with organization. Everything updates in real time. Iphone, Ipad, gmail #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Now that makes life work! ๐Ÿ™‚ #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Time to wrap things up…check out the tips and key points in the stream to help stop the madness and get things done #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Looking for a way to get it together & start the new year off right? Take Get It Done Challenge http://bit.ly/28DayGIT #productivitychatSheila Hawkins


Third Eye Group Productivity Chat

August 19th #productivitychat Hosted by @ThirdEyeGrp

Storified by Sheila Hawkins · Mon, Aug 20 2012 14:59:19

Welcome to #productivitychat! Let’s get started. You’re going to get tips & "how tos" to bring order to your day and week #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
If you apply what you get here in #productivitychat you can increase your productivity this week and stop the madness! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Now 4 quick intro-I am Sheila Hawkins owner of Third Eye Group aka @ThirdEyeGrp #productivitychat #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Hello Sheila, thanks for inviting me. #productivitychatSylvia
@Gillian_Stephen Hi Gillian. how are you today? #productivitychatSylvia
Hello @Sylviabrowder! Thanks for coming #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
For those who don’t know me… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
To get a feel for who’s "here" post 1 tweet to let us know who you are and what you do (if you like) #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Grab your to-do list for this coming week and join live #productivitychat in progress now http://bit.ly/PuuS6SSheila Hawkins
@sylviabrowder Fine thanks trying out tweetchat on my blackberry, should be interesting. How are you? #productivitychatGillian Stephen
I’m fine @Gillian_Stephen. Hope you are too. Hopeefully your BB will get you through this, Mine usually does #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen Great thanks. Cooking and watching the chat. ๐Ÿ™‚ #productivitychatSylvia
Tell us about what you do @Gillian_Stephen #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@thirdeyegrp I’m a Fitness & Nutrition coach supporting individuals to eat healthy & fit exercise into their schedules #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen, that is a much needed service! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
So now, let me ask a question. FYI I’ll be labeling questions to make it easy for responses & to follow. Answers too #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Tools and Systems Streamline and Save You Time
Q1: What tools and systems do you use to help you manage your time? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I use outlook calendar, Iphone, and TimeTrade to help me manage and stay on track both personally and professionally #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder do you find that those tools work well for you? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp A1: I use my phone calendar & trying to utilise an editorial calendar to schedule blog posts, newsletters etc #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Just clicked in thanks #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@moneywisdomwomen welcome! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Welcome onboard #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@moneywisdomwomen, what tools do you use to support your time management? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
A1: Using tools & systems that are personalized can help you tremendously when it comes to managing your day #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen what format are you using for your editorial calendar? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp what is the ‘editorial calendar’? Gillian mentioned it as well. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder An editorial calendar is something I use for my ezine articles. I plan the upcoming year in Sep/Oct #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Excel sheet, I got the template from @Blog_Trends it’s great but I’m not maximising on it yet #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen That’s usually the challenge most have when it comes to tools #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen max out your tools. Be sure they’re a fit for you and use every feature they afford you. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen If you find something’s not working, re-evaluate to see why. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp What do you use Sheila? #productivitychatSylvia
@Sylviabrowder I use my BlackBerry tools and have templates for editorial calendar, blog posts, events, etc #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp How does the blog post template work ?@Sylviabrowder #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen The one I have is actually a calendar I print that allows me to plan #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen The one I use came from http://BlogEnergizer.com #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen I like it because I like to write things out by hand when I plan #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
The http://BlogEnergizer.com calendar has notes as to special days/weeks, etc so that you can relate your posts #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen Is there anything that’s not working for you now? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@thirdeyegrp I schedule a certain post then as wk progresses other things come to mind or are more current causing havoc #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gilllian_Stephen How far out do you schedule? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp about a fortnight, I know it should be longer, I think! #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Planning is Key When it Comes to Productivity
@Gillian_Stephen You might try planning further out and do a "brain dump" that way you can get more ideas out #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gilllian_Stephen This will let you plan farther out. you can also try choosing a theme or topic and plan multiple posts #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Thanks for tips, things I’ve learnt in my former corporate life but didn’t think to apply them now #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen You’re welcome! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen I connected my blog posts to my NING post so every post is on a timeline in my community. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Smart move! Saves you time and expands your reach. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
I also use Hootsuite to manage tweets between twitter, FB fan, FB personal, Linkedin #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Hoot Suite is a nifty little tool. Tools are really important when it comes to saving time w/social media #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Yes, i agree. #productivitychatSylvia
Are Your To-Do List & Calendar Overloaded?
So tell me…Q2: How many items are on your to-do list and calendar for tomorrow? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp actually, I have about 8 items that need some attention. I will prioritize in the AM #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder prioritizing is the key! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp A2: 7 things, 2 of which I should have started but couldn’t resist this chat. A3: 3 realistic as time’s ltd #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Q3: How many of those things are realistic given the time that you need to complete them? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step 1: Be sure your tasks have priorities based upon your values-based goals so that you know their importance #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
That step helps keep you from overloading and to stay focused on what’s important #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp yes it is. One point… dont be frustrated or stressed if you cant get everything done on your to do list. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Great point. We have to remember that and also not to overload our days #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Definitely sometimes life just gets in the way ๐Ÿ™‚ #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Life has a way of doing that, for sure #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@Gillian_Stephen its good to take a break though. Those things on our list will always be there. #productivitychatSylvia
@ThirdEyeGrp It seems everything is important #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@monewisdomwomen I see that a lot. Focus on prioritizing-go back to your goals and start there. Then move forward #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Prioritizing goals takes the guess work out of your daily focus and helps weed out the unimportant things. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp So do you set your goals for the week and then run through list and prioritise them? #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen I set them for the month, then space them through each week #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@monewisdomwomen That process will give you clarity and help decipher the level of importance. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp good point #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@monewisdomwomen Guide for prioritizing: Things that have serious negative consequences if not completed=Priority A tasks #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
…Things not as important as an โ€œAโ€ task w/only minor negative consequences for not completing it=Priority B #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen …โ€œCโ€ tasks are nice to do not as important & have no negative consequences for not completing them. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Others fall under D=Delegate or E=eliminate. Build your prioritizing muscle to support productivity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@ThirdEyeGrp music to my ears…….D and E! LOL!!! #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder LOL. I love D and E priority tasks!! #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Use these as general rules when prioritizing and you should get some clarity #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Great advice #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Step 2: Remove the things that you don’t have time to do. Keep priority things on your list and calendar #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Thks. I tried quarterly approach, then drilled down to monthly but didn’t drill down further to the week #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen great idea as well #productivitychatMoney Wisdom for WM
@Gillian_Stephen That’s usually where people stop. Schedule weekly planning time to break it down further #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen Quarterly approach works well. I start w/annual, then set times for quarterly, monthly, weekly #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@monewisdomwomen That process gives time to make changes and adjust what you’re created already #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Not Everything is Deserving of Your Time
Not everything is deserving of your precious time. If not related to the master plan don’t give it your time #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Step 3: Place any task that will take more than 15 minutes in your calendar. This avoids over-scheduling #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Action Step: Rearrange your day based upon the above 3 steps. Remember your focus is on top priority tasks #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Will do #productivitychatGillian Stephen
It’s time to wind down the chat ladies, one more question for you… #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
Q7: What challenges are you having right now while taking these steps to restructure your day and bring order to it? #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp A7: You’ve all given me more than enough to put in place to help me move forward, so a very big thank you #productivitychatGillian Stephen
@Gillian_Stephen Glad to know that #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp This has been great Sheila. I enjoyed this chat. #productivitychatSylvia
@sylviabrowder Thanks Sylvia! So glad that you could make it. #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp Well of course. I knew this would be ‘productive’ information that I can use. Always looking for good tips #productivitychatSylvia
I’ll be announcing the date for the next #productivitychat this week #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
This entire chat will be a post on my blog. I will let everyone know when it’s up #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
@ThirdEyeGrp You’re welcome. @sylviabrowder @monewisdomwoman ladies it’s been great, I’m on GMT so signing out, goodnight #productivitychatGillian Stephen
Great Twitter chat tonight. Thanks @sylviabrowder @Gillian_Stephen @monewisdomwomen #productivitychatSheila Hawkins
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