Flags & Filters

This helps you recognize particular types of email faster by flagging email.  For example, you can flag emails that you have read and are your priority to reply with one color so that they are visually separated for your preference the next time you open your email.

One final thing that you can use to help enhance the use of the sub folders that you set up is to use the email filters in your email account to create “rules” for sending emails to designated folders when they come into your inbox.  This is a nice feature to use to help get email to the appropriate folder.  You might set up particular rules for any email with a particular phrase in the subject line to go to a certain folder.  Let’s say you have a marketing project you’re working on.  Ask that any related emails contain the name of the project in the subject line, then set up the related filter rule so that those emails go into the designated folder.  when it comes time to work on that project, you can go directly to that folder instead of searching through the email in your inbox to find all of the email related to that project.