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Woman Writing in PlannerOne of the biggest hindrances to getting things done is not knowing your priorities. You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t know what theirs are and this is where a lot of people get stuck. Time and time again when working with a client and looking at how they go through their days and what happens in the midst of them, it boils down to not knowing what’s important.

If you’re stuck in this spot, I want you to step back and take a deep breath and exhale. Then look at the things you value most. What things matter the most to you? Your children/family? Your health? Each of your values are direct indicators of what your priorities are. One of my top values is my health, because after all if I don’t have that I can’t have much else that I want, which is unacceptable to me. That value transitions into my days as one of my top priorities which is why my vegan diet, a good daily workout and meditation are part of each of my days. Nothing comes before them so they’re on the top of my agenda every day without fail.

Make a list of the things you value then look to see what priorities are related to them. Some values may have more than one. Once you know your priorities, you can compare them to the things you’re doing daily and determine what stays on your list, what gets delegated and what gets kicked off your list.

Keep a list of what’s important handy so that as you move into this new habit of focusing on the important things you have a reminder in front of you about what gets on your list. Being aware of and in touch with your priorities takes the guess work out of things because you already know what’s allowed to hit your to-do list and calendar and what isn’t. The things that fall under this category are the things that you tackle during your Prime Time.™ This is just one way to stop wasting time, take your power back and get things done.


LifeBalanceThat’s right, there is no such thing.  Many talk about it and strive toward it but few have found an acceptable definition of the concept.  So what is it and how do we define it?  The word “balance” can be a bit deceptive here.  When we think of balance we think of equality or an even number on either side of an equation, but when it comes to our time and balancing our work life and personal life, we cannot think of balance in those terms.  Here, there is no such thing.  This is so because we simply cannot schedule an equal number of hours for work and for our personal life.  What people call “work-life balance” I see as harmony.  Balance in this sense is not static as it may normally be depicted with scales perfectly aligned.  Life, though is dynamic, more like a symphony; harmonious with various pieces coming together as one to make beautiful music.

Having that harmony present not only supports productivity, but keeps you healthy along with keeping those in your life happy too.  So then, the question becomes, “How do you get there?”  To initiate the process, it’s important to know what you want your life to look like.  So ask yourself what harmony would look like in your life and figure out what you want to create.  Look at your values—what’s important to you and what priority does each one of those things have?  Is family one of your top priorities?  If you’re single family might not have the same priority level for someone who’s married with children.  Determine amounts of time you want to spend in each area based upon what you want to make happen.  Look at the goals that you’ve set too.  The should be representative of  your values, but it’s another place to look to be sure to consider all of the instruments that are a part of your symphony of life.

Once that’s done, you have to have a system in place for helping you manage yourself around time.  Life doesn’t work without it.  That system should include the processes, tools and people (other than you) who help to make things work.  Equip yourself with what’s necessary to support your work style and your lifestyle and develop the habits to make the system work for you.  They must also be taught how to manage themselves, maintain self discipline and continue to be responsible and accountable which will all take time.  It really is all about you, not about what this might look like for someone else, but what you say it is.  The reality is that what people term “balance” shifts from time to time based upon the roles we play and we, as conductors, have to be mindful of those shifts in order to maintain that harmony.  Otherwise, life does not work.

Life moves so fast and things get lost in the shuffle. There are things that we miss or don’t get done for one reason or another and it impacts us accordingly, both short term and long term.

Pause for a moment and think about how yesterday was; how today is going.  Maybe at the point in time you’re reading this post, your work day hasn’t yet started.  So, in that case, what do you want today to look like?  What tasks do you want to complete today?  Would it look like any other, regular, run of the mill day, or would it be focused on a particular thing?

If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal day, what exactly would it look like?  What things would you want to accomplish?  It would be my guess that the things you name here would be directly in line with your values and possible a few goals that you haven’t worked toward or that you feel are out of your reach.

Continue to wave that magic wand and think about the priority that each one of those things has for you.  Now, take things a step further and think about areas other than work.  Think about family, friends, health, and finance and determine the things you would want to accomplish in those areas on your idea day.  Now, before you put down that magic wand, determine when you will do each of those things over the course of the day.

Fast forward to tomorrow.  Think once again about how yesterday was.  What did you accomplish and how did it make you feel?  If you were able to accomplish the things that you created inside of your ideal day, you would be elated! You would feel a true sense of accomplishment and excitement for the day that lies ahead of you.

What would your life look like if you were able to create your ideal day, every day of your life?  What would be possible?  You do have the ability to create and live your ideal day every day of your life.  You don’t have to put down the magic wand.  The power is in your hands.

Now let’s look at how your calendar and to-do lists can become cluttered and how to remedy that.  There’s always plenty to do, usually more than there’s enough time for.  Clutter can accumulate very quickly in this respect. Everyone has things that they want, have and would like to do, but you really have to look at what’s important to determine which things get placed on your to-do list and into your calendar.  If you don’t take that step, you’ll end up with a cluttered to-do list and calendar.

If you’re overloaded with things to do, take a step back and look at where your time is going.  Maybe you’re spending time doing things that aren’t important to you or that don’t line up with your goals and values.  Take inventory, look at what you have on your calendar and what’s on your to-do list and eliminate the things that aren’t important.  This might mean that you have to go back to the drawing board.  By that I mean that you may have to start by looking at what’s important to you; look at the things line up with your goals and values and possible recreate your calendar and to-do list items.  From that point you can set priorities and create the space for them in your daily activities.

In your regular planning remember to stick to only those things that line up with your goals and values.  This will help keep the clutter from getting to your to-do list and calendar.

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